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Hotel Metropole, Monte Carlo

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, Monte Carlo, MC, 98007
Rate from 454 EUR
A legendary hotel Metropole in Monte Carlo invited its first guests in 1886. In 2004 it was completely renovated and redesigned by Jacques Garcia. And though the hotel features a classic style, modern and elegant notes are seen everywhere. This well-maintained hotel built in the Baroque style offers comfortable surroundings and a quiet atmosphere that appeals to families, couples and single travellers. It is more than a traditional hotel. You seem to stay at a luxury villa set among beautiful gardens on the Mediterranean coast. Its lovely decor was created by a well-known British designer David Hicks. The pool area is a pleasant place to spend a relaxing afternoon, as well as a lovely garden with cypress trees, evergreen yew trees, tall palm trees, bright hibiscus and sweet jasmine. Comfortable and stylish bars and hotels offer the hotel guests various dishes and drinks. Sitting on the terrace, you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Mediterranean Sea and the track, where the Grand Prix race takes place.

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