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De Paris Hotel

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, Monte Carlo, MC, 98000
Rate from 607 EUR
De Paris Hotel has always been a popular choice. The hotel was built in 1864. Since that time it has been a symbol of luxury, elegance and hospitality. The guests of this prestigious hotel will enjoy the many facilities and variety of entertainment on offer. There are many shops, bars and restaurants close at hand and the well-known “Cafe De Paris” and “Casino du Monte Carlo” are in front of it. The Opera House is about 200 meters away. The Cathedral of Monaco, the Stadium, the Rosary of Princess Grace and the Museum of Jacques Yves Cousteau are 1km away. De Paris Hotel has the excellent restaurant “Le Louis XV”, offering wines from its legendary wine cellar, and the American piano bar, the business centre and the travel agency, the beauty salon and the modern health club, parking, souvenir shop and plenty of excellent facilities. The hotel guests can also enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine in the restaurant “Le Cote Jardin”. De Paris Hotel has rooms with the Mediterranean Sea view and 20 exclusive rooms with city view. It offers plenty to do with a friendly atmosphere.

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